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20 Tools for Movement Lawyering: Black Law Lives Matter


20 Tools for Movement Lawyering: Black Law Lives Matter

Work for and with Organizations, Not Issues: This is Not Impact Litigation or Law Reform

Understand the Goal of Movement Legal Work is to Help Build the Power of the Organization

Organizations Make the Decisions about the Legal Work, Not the Lawyers: Just Like Paying Clients

Learn to be a Swiss Army Knife not a Hammer

There are No Voiceless: Lift Movement Voices as Primary Speakers Lawyers Take Back Seat with Media

Help Organizations Fight for Public Participation, Demand Public Meetings and Hearings

Help Organizations Fight for Transparency, Demand Release of Public Information

Help Organizations in Public Confrontations

Help Organizations Get Publicity and Lift up Community Leadership

Help Organizations with Investigations and Fact Sheets

Help Organizations Raise Money to Sustain the Movement

Never Say “No, you cannot do that”

Help Organizations Dismantle and Radically Restructure Current Systems of Law and Power

Help Organizations Work to Destroy White Supremacy and Institutional Racism

Lawyers Can Disempower Organizations: Understand and Fight Lawyer Privilege and White Privilege

Prepare to Be Regularly Uncomfortable

Be Prepared to Journey with Community and that includes Uncertainty, Conflict, and Chaos

Learn and Understand Building Community Power through Organizing

Learn About Other Movements and Learn How Social Change Happens

Rediscover Humility, True Partnership and Respectful Relationships in Solidarity for Liberation


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  1. Jody Dodd says:

    thank you! shared with lawyers doing this work here in philly.

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